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Yotam Haber


The vivid and precise performances in this CD idiomatically presented Haber's sincere and expressive music which has intensive and delicate textures woven on top of the vast and serene background, symbolizing his dramatic personal life experience and his love of nature.

Chen Yi

Haber has crafted music that is mesmerizing and refined—not a music of moods and transitions, but rather of primal sensations and incongruous juxtapositions, keen sentience and psychic turmoil.  

Martin Brody

Yotam Haber’s music encompasses an unusually expansive range of expressions – visceral, sensuous, momentous, and transcendental. It has a beautiful depth and breadth that is rare to encounter. The performances of “Bloodsnow” and “They Say You Are My Disaster” by Talea Ensemble led by James Baker are truly outstanding. Don-Paul Kahl’s saxophone solo is breathtaking. 

Lei Liang

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