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Chris Mercer is a master electronic musician whose eclecticism and breadth are matched only by his craft and attention to detail. On Trapdoors and Hidden Passages, Mercer presents his sonic extreme, a constantly shifting kaleidoscope of sonic delights offered up in six deliciously focused compositions.
Sam Pluta, composer, Peabody Conservatory


Chris Mercer

Trapdoors and Hidden Messages 


CD and Digital Download

CD and Digital Download

"Mercer is a masterful sound sculptor, fashioning sonic dramas from the rawest materials. [...]

"an otherworldly ride through sounds"

Peter Margasak,

Best Classical Contemporary on Bandcamp

Chris Mercer’s palate for new sounds is as wide-ranging as it is unique, and his stewardship of his sonic discoveries is impeccable in the compositions on this disc. He has a special gift for presenting his sounds in formal (sometimes almost floral) arrangements, intricate and oddly intimate wreaths, dance-skips and flourishes that expand each sound’s significance well beyond what first meets the ear. These sounds share space with the listener, and as they sound, they change the shape and size of that space, until every wall becomes a moving panel, every floor a glass-bottomed boat.
Rick Burkhardt, composer, 

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